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The purpose of the association shall be to engage in a marketing, commission, warehousing, manufacturing, processing and mercantile business, and to purchase, store, handle, sell, ship, distribute finance and supply and otherwise furnish to its members and patrons on a cooperative basis such supplies, commodities and property as they require, and any other purpose permitted under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Powers. This association shall have all powers, privileges, and rights conferred on cooperative associations by the laws of this State. The foregoing powers shall include, without limitation, the power to apply for, acquire, own, use and develop any interest in patents, trademarks, and copyrights connected with or incidental to the business of the association, and the power to enter into partnerships, joint ventures and other business relationships.

Limitations. This association shall not market the products of nonmembers in an amount the value of which exceeds the value of the products marketed for members. It shall not purchase supplies and equipment for nonmembers in an amount the value of which exceeds the value of the supplies and equipment purchased for members.


All net savings of this association in excess of addition to reserves shall be distributed to member-patrons annually or oftener on the basis of patronage as more particularly provided for in the Bylaws, and the records of the association may show the interest of member-patrons in the reserves. Patronage refunds may be distributed in cash or credits, certificates of interest, revolving fund certificates, letters of advice, or in any other property or combination thereof as more particularly provided for in the Bylaws. Such stocks, credits, certificates, letters of advice, or any other property or combination thereof, shall be redeemable only at the option of the Board of Directors.


Federation Cooperative was started in 1929. At that time, the cooperative began with three employees and provided bulk petroleum and a service station to farmers in Black River Falls and Jackson County.

In 1963, the downtown location was purchased and the hardware store, convenience store and automotive department were opened. A year later, the first bulk fertilizer warehouse was built. The Black River Crossing Oasis opened in 1973, and the Four Seasons Quik Stop was purchased in 1997 along with a full- service car wash.

In 2003, Federation Cooperative opened the Cranberry Supply Division in Warrens.
The Transport Division became Federation Trucking, LLC in 2004.

In June 2012, the patrons voted to merge Federation Cooperative with Hixton Fairchild Farmers Coop. This merger became effective October 1, 2012, retaining the name Federation Cooperative.

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