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Federation Cooperative is proud to offer
the Cenex brand of lubricants

Cenex lubricants are time-tested, proven performers. Manufactured with only the finest lube oil base stocks, additives, and formulated for specific applications. Our lubricants exceed the standards required by equipment manufacturers. For your equipment and vehicles, nothing beats Cenex lubricants for performance. Visit cenex.com website for more information on their products.

Bulk Oil
We offer the stackable Rhino Tank System. This system makes your storage and dispensing of bulk lubricants and other fluids neat, clean and convenient.
The poly tanks range in size from 80 to 240 gallons. Storage tanks are available at no charge with qualified minimum gallon purchases. Tanks are available in all sizes, customized to fit your needs.
Deliveries must be arranged with lubricants department.
For more information on our bulk deliver program, including pricing, please contact Kyle Parker at 715-284-5354 ext 1.

Packaged Oil
Packaged oil is available at our downtown office.
Contact our downtown office at 715-284-5354 for availability.

Bulk Lubricants
We offer a wide variety of products available for delivery in bulk.

Engine Oils

  • TMS 15W40
  • TMS 10W30
  • Superlube 10W
  • Superlube 30W
  • Autogold 5W20
  • Autogold 5W30
  • Autogold 10W30
  • Maxtron GO 5W20
  • Maxtron DEO 15W40
  • Maxtron EnviroEdge 5W40
  • NGEO 2000 LA 40W
  • NGEO 2500 MA 40W
  • Tractor Fluids

  • Qwiklift
  • Qwiklift Low-Viscosity
  • Maxtron THF
  • Transmission Fluids

  • Powertrans 10W
  • Powertrans 30W
  • Powertrans 50W
  • Autogold ATF DM
  • Autogold Multi-Vehicle ATF
  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Indol 32
  • Indol 32MV
  • Indol 46
  • Hydrostatic 46MV
  • Indol 68
  • Indol 100
  • Gear Oils

  • MP 80W90
  • MP 85W140
  • Maxtron 80W140
  • AGMA 4
  • Miscellaneous Products

  • Chain Bar 10W TAC II
  • Chain Bar 30W TAC II
  • Irrigation Drip Oil
  • Concrete Form Oil
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
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